The execution

Meet me at the cathedral 
Bring your neighing horse 
Run your fingers freely 
through it`s manes 
Let us watch the frost   
over virgin fields,   
Light upon leafless armed 
dying trees igniting   
Autumn cleanses it`s bones 
The old worlds are lost 
amongst starlight 
Let not this ink be spilled 
Drink this hemlock
The myth of Life 
has left me, angels cry 
our newborn skin 
all truth is buried 
we have executed   
justice allive 
gallowed our galaxy 
truth is dead 
What did we save? 
Humanity buried 
a mass grave 
bow now 
thine head
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a.griffiths57's picture


Your poem Execution is brilliant, dare I say it excellently executed. Sorry could not resist. Yes we've turned our Earth into a graveyard as a ready sacrifice to it's enemies -the end of time quite literally.

Kornelia's picture

Thank you so much

You honour me with your words, Anita :-)

"excellently executed"

must have hit target then





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Courteously Said

The lesson on the record - Lady A -




Kornelia's picture

Thank you

Your words are much appreciated

Lesson(s) indeed, Lady A


Lady K :-)