i still love


i feel like its all slipping away
the light the sun the day
i used to believe that one day someone would want me and i would find that high school sweetheart I've dream't about. i thought i had until he walked away and agreed he never would want me.
i left my heart over there in his room, on his sleeve, too bad now he threw it away. it meant nothing to him. i gave him everything that i thought he wanted. only problem what he wanted was she.
i may not be her but i am small and and loud and most of the time i cant keep my heart from melting every time i see you.
now what i can do i can run and jump and yell and cry. i cant hold you and kiss you and other things too.
now i know im not perfect but at least i stayed true.
i lost who i was but i really never knew.
you were my everything,
now everything is gone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i deserve to have love. all i wanted was you to love me.

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When I dream I escape

When I dream I escape reality.
Asleep forever like a fatality.
I wish this never ended.

When I wake I leave my fantasy.
I knew it had to be,
fake and we just pretended.

I thought it was real,
But I could feel,
it wasn't meant to be.
You weren't the angel sent to me.

Mistaking love for lust.
Without the trust,
I couldn't believe you.
It wasn't love so I had to leave you.

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Love Interrupted

There are so many fish

in so many seas

that high school affairs

seem to jump hook

a lot. Revv up, set

the sails just so.

Time to explore what

lies beyond such

small wavelets.

There are so many ways

to toss in the line

to capture a marlin

or a catfish.

Excuse me, I have

no fly to ensnare

your eye, so I best

go to the sporting

goods and get

more sinkers.