Heaven's Final Goal

Not oceans, earth, nor boundless starry void,

shall quell man’s wonder, blinding vision’s eye,

for awe shall ne’er be stifled or destroyed,

nor lofty aspirations hung to die.

Tho’ skies oft’ swallow those that thirst for light,

and fateful winds cast hungry minds astray,

the heaven’s stars yet wink, their summons bright,

to tease, come join in God’s celestial fray.

Weep not for those that die in wisdom’s quest,

for they, the seekers, ne’er would pass in vain,

but pave the way for others, likewise blessed,

to trod that path, brave parted souls sustain.

Tho’ pausing oft’ to ponder mankind’s roll,

we’ll bid God speed, toward heaven’s final goal.


“The same creator who names the

stars, also knows the names of the

seven souls we mourn today.”

2/1/03, President George W. Bush

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My humble tribute to the Spaceshuttle Colombia, and it's crew.

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beautiful piece