Laughter Is The Best Medicine

                                                                   So lifes a little tough,

laugh a little, crack a smile,

It will warm your heart,

And Makes life better for Everyone,

In every bad situation, there's something good,

In all dark moments,

 look for that one ray of light,

For every down, there is an up,

For every frown, a smile,

And every tear, there's a laugh,

Now you say, thats not possible, or,

My life is sad,

How can you find the Good in the Bad,

well you see, the answer is easy to me,

For I have Christ as my savior,


And with Him I'll live Eternally.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

My mom said to write somthing happy, so I did.

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Laughter is the best medicine:



What a realy good poem. And excellent very wise advice, made me hopeful. Thanks for a good read. May your faith continue.

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Thanks, I hope to keep trying :)

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Your mum was right, this is

Your mum was right, this is very inspiring and made me feel happy.  :-)