A Wedding Vow


You say that you don’t like it when I spin my ring on the table heads or tails...
but girl I'm too far-gone to play that game.
Some symbols are eaten, some you put on,
but a symbol ain’t worth nothing if it can’t be free.

You’re big on promises; well, I’m big on tail.
Well I can make 'em, I can break 'em with the rest girl-
but tell me why can’t you believe I’m not playing fast and free?
How can I be true to you if I can’t be true to me?

Would you hold my hand? Would you look me in the eyes?
I don’t know where we’re going, but I’m along for the ride.
It ain’t over ‘til it’s over- maybe then we’ll know,
but ‘til then let’s just take it sure and slow.

So my talking dirty doesn’t turn you on?
Well Mary, Mary quite contrary-
if you’d really wanted Jack and Jill you wouldn’t be standing on my hill
waiting for me to come and turn you on.

Sure sex ain’t what it used to be,
but then neither are we girl, neither are we.
I can’t get enough of you naked next to me.
Guess that ain’t much of a reason, but that’s OK with me.

I know you thought you married into a good Christian home...
Hell, I thought you was Venus rising from the foam!
Maybe we were both just playing games then?
Maybe we are both just playing games?

You know I never could fill the hunger in you eyes. (Well, maybe for a while...)
Did you believe all the lies that love told you girl?
Nothing that is loving doesn’t change dear.
Nothing that is living doesn’t die.

So here we are in the garden, very naked and very ashamed,
without God and without eachother.
We eat our forbidden fruit each in sacred silence.
We break our daily bread like sister and brother.

Get a job, get a home, get a car, get a loan,
get a washer, dryer, mower... and then sell your soul.
It’s not the Futon from Ikea, it’s just me and it’s just you.
This dream-home is on mortgage, but that don’t mean that it ain’t true.


And now it seems like the fire was stolen away from me
somewhere between the bedroom and the hall.
But I can see it growing inside you every day.
What must I become to live up to this fall?

I tell you we’ll never be free again
from the wages of this death and of this sin.
Just don’t build an altar when you lay our love to rest.
Promise me you’ll never ever break this wedding vow.

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onelilartist's picture

This is so deep that I dare not cryptically try to critique it. Just know that I was deeply moved in several instances and find it hard to express what your poem meant to me.

Amanda Schmidt's picture

I read this before and came back to it today after reading your comment on Twisted Ammo. I could really sink my teeth into it this time... Isn't it such a common topic to tackle??? It is so interesting to read how different people cast a different shade of color on it. :) You did an excellent job! I especially like how you talked about the sexual aspect of fading love. I write a lot on that topic (lonely dying love)...I was in a long relationship that I recently called quits - so I have a lot of those feelings to get out. I wrote another one very similar theme, but I think much better - You'll Never Know. You stay real too! lovely songs/poetry! Amanda

saiom's picture

"How can I be true to you if I can´t be true to me?" what a powerful line from your poem