Mein Kampf


Get Hitler off the cross!
Take Kosovo off the spot!
Get ready to count the cost.
Are you ready for mein kampf.

Racial cleansing is bad P.R.
We do it slower here.
Off the front page here we are-
helping you to ”keep the fear”.
From the classroom to the hall,
through the cracks and then free fall…
Let the gangs do the dirty work for you
while you cite your golden rule.

You’re deep in trouble pal
and jumping Jesus won’t help you now!
Now the end of time has come!
Better get your bible get your gun!
A little honesty if you please.
Drop the halo, get off your knees.
Stand up for what you believe.
It’s hard to communicate with an ideological sleaze.

You fucking hypocrite!
At the cinema everyone is anti-racist.
Take you white ass out on the street.
Hey man it’s your daughter with me on the sheets.
Are you so self-righteous now.
Now that I’m riding your sacred cow.
Your international aid record is high.
Now it’s time to look the nigger in the eye.

And you you self-righteous bitch
with your philanthropic eyes and trailer hitch-
all flat on your back and overseas.
Bring back a trophy and a baby on your knees.
Well we don’t need your charity,
nor your sexual anxiety.
We’re sick and tired of being the reference
For your generations guilty conscience.

”Physician heal thyself” you know.
But have you heard ”Let my people go”?
All that’s most holy to you:
you morning coffee and your Asian porn too,
the gold and diamonds and slaves you stole,
your duty-free liquor, hip hop, rap and soul,
your trade agreements, and development schools,
your fucking passports and the lines you drew.

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  Great. This poem certainly


Great. This poem certainly sys it all.Liked you poem even your crass remarks rhymed, the good English was great too.