Rest In Peace Auntie Peachie

Raindrops fall down onto my face

hiding the tears falling from my eyes.

Theres no time for sorrow

theres no place for pain.

Soon enough i'll feel better again.

Family is so far away

Wishing i could spill out what i want to say.

Hearts broken, but theres room to heal

Throughts spoken, but what to say? what to feel.

Everyones out of reach

feeling alone and sad.

Thinking about the good memorys that everyones had.

Its always hard losing family or friends.

Always dreaming of being with them again.

Better places, and better times

I'll always love you,auntie of mine.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

my auntie peachie past away aug 27th 2008. She was my bestfriends mom,who was also my moms sister...
I'll always love you auntie.

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

It's difficult to lose someone. My deepest condolences to your loss.