Make Up Sex

The Lust

Tear my skin apart

Let me feel your desire

Open wounds of passion

Set my soul on fire


Passionate licks

trail down my neck

Kissing so hard

I'm under attack.


Don't hold back

I'm not finished with you yet.

Rip off my clothes,

Make me later regret.


Touch me possessively

Seduce my skin

Let me be yours

Just let me in.


Hold my wrists to the bed

Make me anticipate 

A battle has begun

Destruction: Let's create


Manipulate my body

Grind in generous submission

Control my desire

Send me back to remission.


Skin begging to be caressed

You make me beg for release

Whispering in my ear

Oh, please. Please. Please.


Moving across the bed

Seductive bodies dancing

A rhythm so sly and evil

It's nearly romancing.


Finish the job, dear.

My skin only craves you

Let me know you want me

Please, baby, say you do.


Creshendo then silence

Anticipation for the night

Will this be the last time

Or will we be alright?


What can you call this

Something so pure but taint

So thick with obscurity

Muddled down with old paint.


Hiding the flaws in the walls

Sex cannot fix our quandary

So shall we try again?

Wash away the inquiry.


We have nothing left

Love replaced by lust

Our love has failed us

Dead to become dust.

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