The Pixie Dust

Take your time

Look for me

I am the sky

I am the sea


I am the trees

Grass made green

The stoney shore

Waves crash deep.


I am the sound

The echo of silence

The ringing of insanity

The dependence of lust.


I am the alpha

The omega you crave

I am the nothing

I am your slave.


I am the song

Sang only at night

I am the demon

You constantly fight.


I am everything

But nothing as well

Make me what you want

I am a hallow shell.


Mold me kindly

I am everything you fear

Mold me lovingly

I'm the vice you call "dear."


I am the love

That you beg for in sleep

I am the heartbreak

That cuts your skin so so deep.


I am your monster

Created to destroy

Left to rip apart

Any sad, defenseless boy.


I am what you wanted

A soul sucking harlot

Bruised, broken, and fucked

Once golden, painted scarlet.


I am the ocean

The waves that swallow

The current that pushes

The depths that howl.


I am the sun

The moon and the stars

I am the world

Cheap drinks in old bars.


I am your vices

The alcohal on your breath

I am your Juliet

Poison drink, welcome death.


I am everything

But nothing at all

You fucked it up

The synthetic fell.


Fuck you gently

Your mold was rough

Destroy you vigorously

I've had enough.


I was yours

To be what you need

You abused and abandoned 

Defeat: conceed.



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"I am the song (sung) only at

"I am the song (sung) only at night)...I snagged on that line - it is so true for a lot of lovers, not sung during the day - the morning is reserved for other things. - I am not a fan of rhyme - this is particularly well composed - full, it says more than most rhymed verse. - allets -




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Words are the most potent of

Words are the most potent of weapons and you use them well. Quite sensual. I might add. 


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You just really love that

You just really love that word, lol