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Diner Food

The Pixie Dust

You watch me from every corner of the room.

Sink your teeth into me,

Drink all of my blood.

Bet I taste good.

You had your mind on me before you walked in the door.

Laugh with your dining parter about what Claude did at work.

Try to hide your flaws behind a cheap napkin

And sloppy grin.

Hit on the employees

But only after my blood is drained

Like a beast who broke through the chains,

Ready to pounce after being well fed.

Just another drunk guy with a friend

Back at the diner again.


The Pixie Dust

Take your time

Look for me

I am the sky

I am the sea


I am the trees

Grass made green

The stoney shore

Waves crash deep.


I am the sound

The echo of silence

The ringing of insanity

The dependence of lust.


I am the alpha

The omega you crave

I am the nothing

I am your slave.


I am the song

Sang only at night

I am the demon

You constantly fight.


I am everything

But nothing as well

Make me what you want

I am a hallow shell.


Mold me kindly

I am everything you fear

Mold me lovingly

I'm the vice you call "dear."


I am the love

That you beg for in sleep

I am the heartbreak

That cuts your skin so so deep.


I am your monster

Created to destroy

Left to rip apart

Any sad, defenseless boy.


I am what you wanted

A soul sucking harlot

Bruised, broken, and fucked

Once golden, painted scarlet.


I am the ocean

The waves that swallow

The current that pushes

The depths that howl.


I am the sun

The moon and the stars

I am the world

Cheap drinks in old bars.


I am your vices

The alcohal on your breath

I am your Juliet

Poison drink, welcome death.


I am everything

But nothing at all

You fucked it up

The synthetic fell.


Fuck you gently

Your mold was rough

Destroy you vigorously

I've had enough.


I was yours

To be what you need

You abused and abandoned 

Defeat: conceed.



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