Yesterday I posted a rhyme on swearing and whats more

I believe everyone not from Ohio got a perfect score.


It was to prove my Ohio friends, unlike my friends here in the South,

Do not, as was reported, all have potty mouths.


I’ll bet you didn’t know that the answer to each verse

Didn’t have to end in a swear word or culminate in a curse.


So today I will reveal all the answers that you crave

And may you all be ashamed of the answers that you gave.


If a person keeps telling you something untrue after a while you might snap

You might look that person in the eye and say, Buddy you’re a sap!


If he keeps talking on and on and to his lie will not admit

You’re next reaction might just be, “He’s only got half his wits.”


If you know someone who’s rude and vulgar, indelicate and crass

Would you ignore this bad behavior or call him a jackass?


Let’s say you have to work with him, this low-life, two bit schmuck

Wouldn’t you love to look him in the eye and say, You’ve really run amok!


Perhaps you’re more religious and your 2 year old’s having a fit,

You might pray for help from your god because your toddler’s such a twit!


You missed the lotto by one number or you’ve been cut off by a truck

From Maine to California you might say, I’m thunderstruck!


Let’s say a young man is driving the truck and you ran into a ditch

When you realize you’re unhurt you call your neighbor for a hitch?


You’re working on some home project, you’re using your little finger and you jam it

It hurts so much you try to not to scream but you can’t and yell God unjam it.


So what do you have to say for yourselves? I hope it makes you shudder

To know with a little nudging you’re minds jumped into the gutter.


Isn’t it funny how many of you in the blank lines you completed

Had no trouble coming up with expletives deleted? 


Just so you know, Ohio’s reputation I am now glad to resurrect

For everyone from the Buckeye State got everyone correct!


So where should all those people go whose study made Ohio sick?

Hmmm how about straight to,... H....E....double hockey sticks.

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I love it! Just goes to show

I love it! Just goes to show words and status quo mean everything to some people. Truth is, everyone behaves rude at times, and it doesn't mean they are rude all the time. There are people as well who are assinine and rude and they do not even have to have a potty mouth to do it, right? Hahaha!!! Love your querky writes!! 


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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A Found Gem

"double hockey stick..." I howled. "God unjamb it" ~ OUCH! Some curse because they have limited vocabularies - that is a theory I'm working on. Be well ~Allets~