It’s amazing when you think about it…as we travel to and fro

The amount of uncertainty in the world we live in…

all the things we’ll never know.


But in an uncertain world there are certain habits we can shape…

certain ways that we can be

that help prepare us for the world’s uncertainties 

while at the same time set us free. 


We can be compassionate for we never know what people are going through…

as we meet them along the way.

We can be kind for we’ll never know when an act of kindness will make another person’s day.


We can be accepting of other people whom we don’t understand or may misconstrue..

for in an uncertain world there is certainly room for differing points of view.


We can be giving for we’ll never know what our giving might prevent

how far our gift will travel…how much our giving might have meant.


We can be thoughtful for we’ll never know how long our words will linger inside another person’s head

long after the moment’s over 

long after we’ve forgotten what we’ve said.


We can be happy for the things we have as we anticipate all our happiness ahead…

for at the end of the day we’ll never know how much our happiness has spread.


I imagine there are no easy answers to the uncertainties as life moves on and on

So we try to do the best in every moment…before that moment’s gone.


But I’m certain if we think of others as we travel to and fro

We’ll be ready for life uncertainties… 


and all those things we’ll never know. 

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very original and thought-provoking writing

Thank you for posting your poem!

I found it very original and thought-provoking one! 

So we try to do the best in every moment…before that moment’s gone.

I like so much this your phrase and will add it to my favorite quotes list.


Best wishes,




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