One man searched for happiness

He traveled far and wide

He wanted to experience happiness

at least once...before he died.


He visited many cities,

he hiked the mountains,

he walked the beach.

Yet the happiness he so desperately sought

seemed to hover out of reach.


He never found his happiness.

Many who seek it...never can.

And after years of searching for it...

he died

an unhappy man.


Another man never searched for happiness

yet he found it every day

in the myriad of things and people

he met along his way.


“How is it you’ve never searched for happiness” he was asked,

“but with happiness you’ve been blessed?”

“Why would I search for something....” he smiled.


“That all this time…I have possessed?”

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allets's picture

Nice Manipulation

and great emotional impact - I was so sorry for the man who died unhappy. It is a quality of all of us. The happy human is a treasure! - Nice write - great title!  - slc