A Smile And Two Drumsticks

One day a lonely drummer sat up

as in his mind a crazy notion swirled...

“What if, with a smile and these two drumsticks...” he thought,

“I could change the world?”


So he sat upon a street corner

and began to drum a beat.

And, before long, people stopped and smiled...

then began to move their feet.


Suddenly a woman with a guitar

stepped out of the throng,

smiled at the drummer

and began to play along.


Then a woman started singing

in a voice both sweet and strong

and the people who were dancing

began to sing along.


As the music emanated in all directions

people came from everywhere.

They smiled, they sang, they danced, they cheered

they raised their hands up in the air.


And when the song was over

some people shook hands...others kissed...and some embraced.

Everyone left with a spring in their step

and a smile upon their face.


And the drummer..

he also smiled...

after seeing so many people enthralled.

And he was left to wonder if his crazy notion...


was so crazy after all.

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