My Child

The pitter patter of little feet here they come, here they creep.

Innocence lies within not knowing of lifes ups and downs so steep.

       Direction these young souls need, my seemingly simple burden of day to day requirenments their mind to feed.

       A list of checks and balances how do I teach. For me, myself and I balance seems just out of reach.

      Tears caused by fears of dissapointment as the jugernot errupts with frustration. To them they daydream of their one day emancepation of the eighteen             year old proclamation.

      Mistakes of missplaced valor contemplated by the world judged as malice. Issues deemed careless and selfish initated by the king in charge.

      Those who believe they know, ask; Is this a mad man at large?

      Deep inside undercover this strong man who is simply a worried father fights back his own tears and fears. The end result of his fathers deception times             decit over many years.

     The pitter patter of these feet upon his castle floor as the king pushes back the odor of his own wounds, himself he must ignore.

     Sir king his jester lets out as a squeek, add up your worries and cast them out for you are a good father so meek.




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Both Strong & Meek

Enlightening read ~ thanks for the share ~A~