'10 At Lust, Apart


At Lust, Apart

Clouds cease my thoughts from writing
A recent angel has since gone missing
Thoughts continue to drain, running dry

Without you, nothing will flow like you and me
Without your breaths, I breathe uncontrollably
Without you here, my focus refuses to comply

Oh where to have you now flown me
With my hope and serenity on empty
Guiding me to your world with a sigh

Without you near, my words remain incomplete
Without your breaths, breathing flows painfully
Without you here, I am 'relieved,' left out to die

Apart we have become for it is necessary
A cloudy mist drifts me away accordingly
We shared ourselves and we followed a lie

Without you here, I am just scrambled humanity
Without your breaths, breathing has no meaning
Without you, life will continue unanimated inside


© David Joel Rodriguez

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This piece is a wonderful,

This piece is a wonderful, although bittersweet, metaphor of the rise and fall of love.