'09 Chrystian Joel




Chrystian Joel


Another year and many more inches I have missed
Growing up without the hugs or even a daddy kiss
Even through the phone never seems to be enough
Sometimes on the phone, your voice makes it tough
I know I am miles away and wanting to see me again
Sadden I become because I really do not know when
I stare at your handsome pictures waiting for the day
The day I get to hold you like a dad should everyday


Your needs at age six may differ from the last time I saw you
Different views, no more Pooh, now an iPhone cause you grew
Seldom kid songs, now Alter-Rock-Rap music is your request
Learning bigger words and "passing" school, I'm impressed
I could ask but hard to tell what you do for fun and games
Various things you say but most of all you are glad I came
Then I smile as I pick you up and wrap you in my arms all day
Cause it's the day I get to hold you like a dad should everyday 


©David Joel Rodriguez



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For my "Potato"

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Quite fond of this one because of the love that comes through in it. And also because of the Winnie the Pooh reference.

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Journal Updates

Men write from a different perspective. Ex gf lets you visit, keep the hook-up to Potato with a cell and a Dell to keep the information lines open. A boy needs his dad's wisdom but mostly presence in any form. Buy some stamps and be the writer you are for him. He has to read your body of literature to be proud. Thanks for the sharing ~~A~~