'03 A Cold Warm Night

-Some Kind of Love

A Cold Warm Night

Visit me If you like.
Don't worry, I won't bite.
Come, get closer, it's alright.
Everything is just right
Let's go outside,
stare at the cold moonlight;
See a shooting star, we just might.
A perfect site to sight the starry night.
We lie here together being our biggest delight.
I like it when you hold me tight.
Now I close my eyes
as our puckered lips ignite;
enjoyed our first starlight.
We must now sit upright.
It's getting close to midnight.
I must go inside.
Our holding hands create an incite.
A fiery kiss; a vapor in white,
steam begins to rise,
love starts to write.
We must now divide,
for you, have a long journey tonight.
Next time I will invite.
I'll show you my paradise.
So long, farewell, see you soon and goodnight.

© David Joel Rodriguez

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L. L. Pangan's picture

The rhymes--perfect, and so is the message.