As I gaze upon the stars tonight, how I wonder would you care if I had gone?

Can it all be so easy, Would you ever miss me?

As I lose all control your face comes to mind.

I could never hurt you, no matter what you do.

You always told me, "Stay strong!" but I'm weakening tonight.

I won't give up on you, won't let them win.

I'll always love you my sweet, sweet sin.

Never give up. Never give in.

Tonight we stand strong, tonight we have won.

This is our life not theirs.

Life is so short but, you and I are forever.



If anyone you know is struggling with suicide, tell someone. They'll get the help they need. Stay strong and never give up. Life is much too short.

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Suicidal Tendencies

We lose people daily to suicide, homocide, accident, stupidity (remember the wealthy guy who proposed then fell off a cliff and died as his fiance watched?) If it were not for stupid deaths and intentional ones, the world would be double the 7.8 billions. I think suicides are stupid, unless you are about to be devoured or tortured to death. (Burn to death or eat a bullet). I don't understand death row, so much for cruel and inhumane punishment. A pill swallowed and no pain, no person. Total costs the price of a sleeping pill over dose and a pine box, not the multi-million annually spent on housing a ten to twenty year appealer in expensive housing with food and health care (health care being exceptionally ironic) - but then the killing would stop and we'd probably have more wars to kill off the excess young breeders and men of color. Mother nature (plagues, earthquakes, volcanoes) balance the numbers of homo sapiens. Add government decisions and judiciary systems and our numbers are contained nicely. Life Is shorter for some than others - at 63, I consider myself a survivor. Welcome to post poets - we already know about suicide options and what to do about them because we are poets. We celebrate life and death. ~allets~