Nationalistic Obsession

Be Not Careless

Hate at the rate

Patronage patriot


Meteoric rise

Mettle jeopardise.

Ethylated spirit

Fuel precise

Spiralling dislike

Vicious diabolises

Propelling obsolescent

Botulism devises.

Extreme hatred


Hatred extirpate

Before it is late

Brainwashed wolf cries

Sure processes bulldoze.

Pose a threat to our lives.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

They live underground pop up now and then.

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hhickson's picture

The world would be a better place if nationalism could be replaced with earthism. We are all stuck here and might as well learn to get along with each other.

Hugs and peace.


Karyn Indursky's picture

Powerful piece. Your short, intense lines pull in emotions and make the reader think in-depth. Great combo. Thanks for sharing!