To Take Your Place

I hear a knock on the door,
Then the sounds of footsteps across the floor.
I slowly open my eyes and begin to see,
My best friend as he visits me.
He approaches me with his lowered head,  
Afraid of seeing me in the hospital bed.
He comes and puts his hand on mine,
And begins to take me on a journey through time.
'Remember way back, when we were six?
When we'd play in the dirt and sword fight with sticks?
You remember the Ninja Turtles don't you?
You loved to be Leonardo because he was blue.
Do you remember when you got in that fight?
You were eight and it was eight at night.
It was you and that fat kid named Keith.
You hit him in the mouth and knocked out three teeth.
Do you remember the bikes we go t in '92?
We used to ride all day, just me and you.
Remember when you wrecked and broke both your feet?
It was over by Leon's house on Cooper Street.
Do you remember when you would spend the night?
We used to stay up late and pillow fight.
I remember when you'd get me outta trouble with my dad.
I remember when you'd break my toys and make me mad.
I remember you always bought me an ice cream when I was sad.
Man oh man, you're the best friend I ever had.
As he talked about our childhood years,
He tried his hardest to hold back his tears.
He talked and talked and talked some more,
As I watched his teardrops hit the floor.
Suddenly his stories came to a halt,
'Man I can't take this! It's all my fault!'
His voice grew deathly and grimly cold.
'I should have kept my eyes on the road.
Dammit! What the hell was I thinking?!
It's the only time I drove while drinking.
Everything was blurry and nothing was clear.
Damn, man, it's my fault you're here!'
He cried and cried until his face was blue.
I wished he knew what was really true.
I wished he would look me in the face.
So I could confess to him I took his place.
He told his stories and now it's my turn.
There's something dark I think he should learn.
Before I spoke, I stopped and asked, 'Why?'
Why should he know he was supposed to die?
After we ran off the road and hit the tree,
I remember seeing him lie next to me.
I looked at his body and said, 'What the hell!?
Where are his legs?' I couldn't tell.
His screams of pain pierced the air,
And there was blood everywhere.
It poured furiously form his body and head.
I knew then it wouldn't be long before he's dead.
I had to do something before it was too late.
I had to free him from his dreadful fate.
So unto Satan, my soul, I give.
Just so that my friend could live.
I closed my eyes and saw death in my face.
When they re-opened I was in a different place.
I lifted my head and looked around,
And there was my friend lying on the ground.
I watched as he got up after some delay.
He was perfect and I knew he'd be okay.
Another chance of life I'd never get.
But I'd do it again with regret.
That's what led me to where I am now.
He's still alive and will never know how.
I told him to grow up and marry a pretty wife.
I said I loved him and wished him the best of life.
Then an angel came and said, 'From death, you cannot hide.'
As I felt my life slip away, I closed my eyes, and then I died.

-Jerry Joseph Huggins
(Jan 20-22, 01)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One night, I asked myself, What would I do for my best friend? This poem was my answer

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Sasha Carter's picture

I can already tell you got bohemian in you, be it by blood or spirit. Cuz you love open and freely and very deeply. Great job man.

K M's picture

this has always been one of my favorites...Keli

Rebecca Saltzman's picture

Well your poems are good, there are some lines that just dont fit well together but they are still good. I just wanted to point out to you that everyone has their own style and how they write is up to them. For you to say that most people on this site are horrible makes you pretty shallow

Laura Campos's picture

;( it brought a tear to my eye
It seems like you would do anything for your best friend
this poem really captivated me . Keep It up !

KT Kyleen's picture

No joke, my jaw literally dropped after reading this poem. Amazing! So much emotion. Incredible. Definitely a favorite of mine. I love the play with words. Outstanding. LoL. There's not much else I can say, because it's just indescribable. Thankyou for posting such fine work!

poetvg's picture