An Aeonian of Love

(Thomas' Prayer)
Aries, I'm here at our lake...Because I knew I could find you here.
It was a gorgeous Saturday night on our Anniversary, Dear
We were on our way to this lake, as we are, every year.
To this place where years ago, you and I first met
It was a special day, that I shall never forget
This years drive, my Love, is unfortunately one I'll live to regret...

I met a little girl named Aries when I was seven here at this lake
We had our first kiss that day, I didn't know that's all it would take
For you and I to create a loving bond that would never break.
Never in my life have I felt safer than when you were near
you were my safehaven, my protection, I had no fear
Never a rainy day, never had you ever made me tear.
Aries, you blessed my life for tweleve years straight
I remember how we came to this lake for our first date
You were so goregous that night and I was an hour late.
Over the years, our love for each other had grown so strong
Even the angels above, could tell that you and I would belong
Everything was so perfect, what possibly could go wrong...?
The words for your beauty, I never did know
Not a flaw in you did I see, never did one show
The moon that night gave your face such a heavenly glow.
Aries, you were as heavenly as an angel from above
You were as beautiful, as beautiful as a dove
I can't tell you enough how gorgeous you were my love.
You looked at me and smiled one last time before
I pressed the brakes and they didn't work anymore
It seems as if the car and I were, for no reason, at war.
The car would not stop, I pressed the brakes with all of my might
I tried so hard to keep the car on the road, I tried to fight
But there was nothing I could do after the car took flight.
I don't recall what exactly happened after that
Not a clue what caused us to wreck for a fact
I don't remember even having time to react.
I lost control of the car, and I knew something was not right
When I awakened from the accident, Aries, you were out of my sight
You were to come with me to our lake, but instead, you made it to Heaven that night.
I don't any remember this, but this is what I'm told
When the paramedics arrived your body was already cold
and still you were reaching out for my hand to hold.
You told me forever and always, you would be by my side...
I tried to keep us on the road, trust me, Aries, I tried
I can not help but to think that it was my fault that you died.
Every night for your forgiveness, here at the lake, I pray
You were anything but alone, the night you passed away
My heart and soul went along with you, on that dreadful April day.
Your death peirced in my love like a razor sharp knife
You were by baby, my girlfriend, more than anything, you were my life
And on that night, here at our lake, I would ask you to be my wife.
I saved up for more than a seven month for this
this ring that symbolizes our eternal bliss
Oh, how I would give anything for one last kiss.
Aries, you wanted so badly to get engaged
But you're in Heaven now, leaving me enraged
My mind is still lost in my emotions, I feel caged.
You were to be a wife and a mother, you see
I was far from ready to see you part from me
can't help but to think this just cannot be.
None of this was supposed to happen, never
We were supposed to be at this lake together
I was to ask for you to be with me forever.
I will forever wait for you here, this I vow
Oh, how I wish you were here with me right now
I need your comfort, need to hold you, but there's no way how.
You told me never to worry, never to fear
If I ever needed to be with you I could find you here
You said to me, 'I'll forever be at our special place my dear'
(Aries' Prayer)
Oh Thomas, I'm here as I promised I would stay
Worry not my love, for we will be united after this short delay
For now I am here, here at your side, I'm not that far astray.
You have not lost me, love, you need not tear
Feel safe, my beloved, for I am next to you, I am near
I am your safehaven, your protection, you should have no fear.
For I am here at our special lake just where I belong
My love has not deminished, I love you just as strong
Can you not Feel my pressence? I've been here all along.
I cannot leave your side Thomas. That is not my fate
My place is here with you, from you I cannot seperate
Not even death himself can keep me from my soulmate.
My love for you here at our lake, it is all around
My love is the night sky, the water, my love is the ground
It's deepest in your heart and can here at the lake can be found.
I am your Aries, your baby, your sweetheart
Trust me, our souls will never be apart
Just my body is gone, the rest of me will not depart.
Look into the water with your heart, can you see my face
Thomas, in life and in death, this lake is our place
This is where you and I can together again embrace.
This lake has been ours, it's written in stone
We've been together at this like for as long as I've known
This is our special lake, our lake, and our lake alone.
Whenever you need me, come to this lake and I'll be there
No one will ever take our lake or the love we share
I promise we'll be together again soon Thomas, I swear.
And on that day, we shall be in Heaven at our lake again
there we continue our lives right where they had been
where you were taking me to the lake on our anniversary, Amen.
But for now, I stand next to you patiently waiting by your side
waiting for the day that your hand takes mine and guide
me into Heaven as your Aires, your sweetheart, and as your bride.

- Jerry/Joseph Huggins

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What can I say about this poem that you don't aready feel in your heart. This is just something to remind people of the love that they could be missing.

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Courtney's picture

Two words: Amazingly Beautiful! I cried. You are so amazing and talented. I actually cried. I can't get over this one. It is an absolutely unbelievable beautiful poem.

Tanya Gill's picture

It was full of diffrent emotions that make you stop and think what life is really about. This author is very talented and really reaches the TRUE inner emotion.

Jessica Pounds's picture

when i read this poem it brought back old memories of someone i really cared about. I flows wonderfully. It almost made me cry.

Katherine Neitz's picture

I have tears running down my face. You are such a beautiful poet. I can't express to you the way your poems make me feel. It's almost like a shot of electricity running through my viens. You're amazing. Don't stop writing, ever. :)
Always, Kate

Crystal's picture

I feel like you were sort of speaking to me in that one. Seeing how I'm an Aries & we share that same month together. That was an excelent one.. great job babe <3

poetvg's picture

lovely ;*)