Close and Near

I stood up and faced you
as you walked towards me that night
Your eyes were full of innocence
and your smile was so bright
Your movements, so graceful
your thoughts, so pure
your kiss, so soft
and your hug, was so secure
I held you longer and tighter
than I ever had before
You had no idea
that I would be around no more
I didn't tell you
because I didn't want you concerned
That I would leave that night
and I would never return
I knew that you would be hurt
but this is how it had to be
I just hope that in time
that you will forgive me
I could not allow myself
to hurt you any again
I left you with my love
and a new life to begin
remember our past
forget our pains
remember our love
and all else that remains
Though I'm gone from you
In a way, I'm still here
I live now in your memory
I am still close and near

                                  - April 16, 2003

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Crystal's picture

awwww that one made me teary eyed, in the end :( you're brilliant jerry.. keep up the good work.

Laura Campos's picture

Excellent Poem
I Loved It
Keep Writting !

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