Connie Denise Murphy

In the begining, you treated me wrong
after forgiveness, you promised to change
As we both know, that you didn't last long
Why did I believe something so fucking strange?
   You told little lies all the time
   thinking I would never find out
   Well bitch, I've uncovered your crime
   Now let's see what you're really about
You claimed you were honest and mature
I guess maybe you forgot to say
that you were also heartless and insecure
and that you would fuck me over one day
   It's funny how you left out that part
   AS you lied straight to my face
   You made me believe that you had a real heart
   Oh, but I know now, that is NOT the case
I treated you like gold
while you treated me like shit
The truth you never told,
but now, it's too late for it
   I just don't see why you would
   fuck me over quite like this
   Did I not do something I should?
   Was there something I missed?
I was better to you than anyone before
and treated you better than anyone could,
but now I'm walking out of the door
Good luck finding someone half as fucking good
   I need not to remind you of what you once had
   You already know in your heart how great I am
   If you want another chance, that's too bad
   Quite frankly, I just don't give a damn
Jesus Christ, Connie! You don't deserve me!
Be taken advantage of and be used
and maybe then will you see
how bad it hurts to have your feelings abused
   Connie, I can never respect you again
   and rememeber that we will never be
   what we once had been
   You don't deserve that from me
As a matter of fact...
You don't deserve my thoughts or my time
And come to think of it,
You don't even deserve the WORDS that are in this rhyme
   Simply put, you can't be trusted for shit
   You are a LIAR and a CHEATER, too
   I won't forgive you for any of it
   You deserve to have it done to you
And to think, this would have been the REAL romance
that you said you've been waiting for,
but you went off and took a chance
Now a chance with me you have no more

- December 11 / 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Of course, this is dedicated to Connie D. Murphy. To see how this started, read "3 Days"

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Well, since you asked... If I ever wrote another poem about Connie, I would call it "Shadows in the Dark". As you probably already know, I broke up with her again. It seems that she will NEVER be good enough for me regardless of how much I want her to be. Anyway, If you'd like to read the latest (and in my opinion, the better one) about Connie, then go ahead and knock yourself out. Like I said, it's called "Shadows in the Dark".

- (457)

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Wow Jerry. After all the times that you and I have talked, I never thought that you could be THAT angry. If you were to write another poem about Connie, what would you say? What feelings would you express? (I ask b/c you and Connie are now back together again) If you ever do write another poem about her, I'd like to read it.

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this is really good. when my ex fucked me over, this is exactly how i felt.

"You already know in your heart how great I am
   If you want another chance, that's too bad
   Quite frankly, I just don't give a damn
Jesus Christ, Connie! You don't deserve me!"

thats my favorite part, you can really feel the anger behind the words. i like it.

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Joseph hey that was a poem to read after the shit that we have gone through or more of what i put you through. I am truley sorry for the way things turned out and there is no excuse for that fucked up shit that i did. I am so happy that we are talking now and just know that no matter what i definatly want to be there for you as at least a friend. I hope you read this and gain hope in the friendship we have come to have if i am even privalged enough to be your friend in your eyes i will end this with that was a really great poem and you are great bye