Epigram On Naked Desire, 1, Making Love

[a sequence for Lady Certainly]


Naked and making love, our souls can merge
into each other on the starlit verge
of bliss expressed upon the flesh as pleasure
beyond the terms of language or of measure.
Naked and making love, we feel a surge
diminishing this lost world's paltry treasure
to junk and refuse.  Gone, too, is the urge,
to waste a though on trivialities.
Remains one sole desire---to wholly please
the naked lover, in whose soft embrace
is held---and summarized---all time and space,
infused now with the tenderness of grace.
Only the chosen know, surely, whereof
we speak---like Love Poems naked, making love.

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yellowspecks's picture

This is definitly one of your best peices ever. congratulations on this accomplishment. Rae

breanna_shaylee's picture

This is most assuredly one of your many breath taking pieces. Thank you greatly for sharing it with us. And i hope to see many more pieces of this quality come from that wonderful mind of yours.

You friend Always,
Breanna Shaylee

Breanna Shaylee