As I search for simple words to explain

The way I feel, the hurt, the pain

I can only grasp what few memories I have

As I wait and I wonder what you think of

I know the feeling, I’ve been there before

Should I open a new one or just shut the door

I thought I had found the one

Now I must wait and see what he will become

I cannot just walk away, say goodbye

Forever I would have to see

Those warm brown eyes, no longer mine they’d be

If I am spared this eternity

I fear I may go in the other direction

No longer wanting, needing or waiting

To make sure I will never be hurt like this again

Oh I know how it is to be torn

I have been there time and again

No matter how many times I told myself

I would never listen

I just wish I could have known in advance

So I could have just one last time

Savor every moment

Remembering when he was mine


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David Richardson's picture

This poem is written so beautifully with so much feelings and so much expressiveness. The way you form and chose your words in this poem is an artwork of its own. Thank you Jennifer for sharung this poem with me and have a very beautiful weekend.

Dave Richardson