The Last Letter


You are the mild Autumn wind

Coming down to embrace from within

Giving my soul the strength it needs

To make it through the winter

Tell me once again

How it is I can’t embrace you forevermore

Confess to me how your soul

Will be able to survive without my touch

Spring will come

And I’ll be here without you with me

The flowers won’t bloom

And summer will cease to exist

So give me your hand

And trust in our love

It won’t betray you

Will bloom from this day on within us

And we’ll look back and realize

That these trying times

We’re just  a test to prove to us

That we belong together

For the rest of our lives…


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Todd

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thts 4 me 2 no n u 2 find out's picture

well..............nuff sed. keep up the gd work