lonely hearts

eyes deceive, what you cannot see.
Simple lies, that play hide and seek,
who can tell? Sweet lies hide, and show another side,
I'm lonely, but who can see?
The fire that burns the brightest light,
first to dim under pale moonlight.
Hearts that cry, lost in solitude,
trapped in time, waiting to see light,
fortified in dreams,
A million lonely hearts,
crying in the night, longing in the dark...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem kind of has a lot of meaning to me, because I wrote this a long time ago in a old scrap book I had, kept it ever since, means a lot because it describes my feelings at the time I guess :(

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'all the lonely people...

'all the lonely people... where do they all come from?'
God bless all beings, and most quickly the loneliest, those in physical or
emotional agony, the homeless, the hungry, the lovelorn



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The lonely? I guess they come

The lonely? I guess they come from being trapped in themselves, just longing to break free.