The Void

Into the howling dark I go.

Following a broken and lonesome road.

As I travelled on

I reached a ledge.

Down I look, only to see

the Void.


The Void was limitless.

Without a beginning or an end.

It called out to me

In the strangest of ways.

I edge closer

to get a better look.

And what did I see?

An image of all my shattered memories

and broken dreams.


The Void called out yet again.

And my mind starts to spin 

as the torrent of despair starts coming in.

Slowly at first

But intensifying in it's speed.

The waves of hopelessness 

closing in, crushing me.


I try and turn back the way I came.

Just to find that the road has disappeared.

Disbelief and shock are what I first felt.

Then slowly, I realized that all along I've been here.


No going back now.

So I do only what's left.

I step into the Void.

Falling beneath it's calm surface.

Never to return again.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written when I was going through a hard fought battle with depression. The Void was my depression and it seemed for so long there was no escape from it, that in fact it was so powerful. That I should embrace it. 

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