I'm down ten feet below

Drowning in just one blow

Feels like I have been cut

Fooled myself just too much


I scratch  thoughts I always knew

So I'm all alone so soon

I think life is like that

Knowing this makes me sad


Here I was again giving all I had

Sometimes I knew I was trying so hard

Diverting all the attention

Until I'd go to detention


God, I always end up alone

Nothing's glaring at my phone

I tried a million times

They never turned out nice


As hopeful as I could get

So, I am lonesome in my bed

Crumbled like a paper mess

So much for being honest


I don't want to wake alone again

I hope and pray all will turn out well

That God will answer the prayers sent

I still wonder wherever they went

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was what I thought about when I was in my room "ALONE"

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