Love Speaks


When love speaks
Everything fits
It is so deep
We see things clear


When love smiles
It heals scars
Everything shines
Like those stars


We can fly
Like an airplane
Like the eagle
That we hide


I will find it
We can have it
We can do it
I'll fight for it


It's the rhythm in me
Something I want to feel
A thing I've been wishing
Each night I go to sleep


When love speaks
I will listen
'Cause when love sings
It will be spring


Author's Notes/Comments: 

LOVE SPEAKS tells what I thought love would be. I still hope I'm right.

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heatherburns35's picture

  excellent write about the

  excellent write about the effects of love.  When love speaks all will be spring.  so true. You will love many times in your life time.   A nice write.


millyardo's picture

love speaks

its alrightkid, i like it. And love alone your to young for that anyway have some fun

MissSaigon's picture

I used to feel the exact same

I used to feel the exact same thing, always hoping that love will be something amazing and it's something I've always wished for ever since I was a kid. And now that I have a lover, all I can say is that love is a lot more amazing than what words can describe, but at the same time, it can also be something painful to experience. Nonetheless, when love comes to you, then you'll know what it feels like. I really like this poem.

ginsywilde's picture

Yeah, even though we're

Yeah, even though we're brokenhearted sometimes, I think it's still fair to believe in love because not all people in this world are the same.