Never Alone

Almost killed,

By shadows dark,

Collapsed on down,

I heard its bark

Rushing on forward,

I'm shattered so deep,

My soul it tries,

To yet again reap,

I look on up,

Ever defiant,

I try so hard,

To be self reliant,

But yet I know,

That's what got me here,

Filling ever up,

With eternal fear,

I know I was a fool,

To go it alone,

Not knowing if,

I'll ever make it home,

Armour gleaming,

And sword in hand,

A torch was blazing,

As I crossed the land,

In the woods,

Is where it struck,

Waraxe swinging,

I'm forced to duck,

We fought on hard,

I never gave ground,

Then it came at me,

In one giant bound,

Exhausted I was,

From the constant fight,

My sword too slow,

I'm struck by it's might,

In that second,

My life flashed by,

The wife I love,

Her hazel eyes,

In that moment,

My strength returned,

I stand on up,

My rage once again burned,

Refusing again,

To ever be downed,

By her light,

My hallowed ground,

It tries again,

It swung too wide,

I find a gap,

And pierce it's hide,

If it weren't for her,

I'd be lying here dead,

A riddled husk,

Without a head,

That is how,

I always survive,

With her by my side,

I know I'll be alive

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Sassylass's picture


Long and passionately penned

The armor, the fight, I loved!

It is emotive , has good imagery and it holds interest!



Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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wonderful content delightful rhyme

wonderful content  delightful rhyme