Inside My Head

I was just sitting around

Thoughts in the air

When the scarf on the ground

Transformed into a bear

I couldn’t believe my eyes

As it growled, its mouth with froth

And when I began to rise

It melted back into a piece of cloth

I heard the phone sound its tone

I saw the screen was lit

I even saw the id said “unknown”

So I told my bro to answer it

But then it stopped ringing, I thought ‘another call missed’

Until he said I had a messed up head

And a look at the recent calls list

Didn’t support what I saw or said

We were in the car, mother and I

When I said “look out for the man in white!”

She looked at me with a sigh

Said “don’t joke like that, especially at night!”

Lying in my bed at night

Not sleeping (but I tried)

I saw flashes of light

Coming from outside

Every week, I have new cuts and scrapes

On my arms, from who knows what or where

Behind the curtains, I see their shapes

With sounds of footsteps in the air

I’ve been getting calls from blocked numbers

When I answer, no one speaks

Just breathing, and it’s quite a bother

Because they’ve been calling for weeks

At night, I argue with that other voice

And my head feels like it’s on fire

More voice come, and they’re not very nice

And one keeps calling me a liar

A few weeks back, there was this one day

Where these voices were unheard, these things unseen

Where I didn’t think or seem crazy

But then I woke up from that amazing dream

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something's happening......

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smooth's picture

tough thoughts

 do you enjoy these biting creatures

iwonderwho's picture

don't know if enjoy is the correct word

sometimes they're interesting

sometimes the bites are vicious

although it will be an interesting story later on

a.griffiths57's picture

    An amazing poem liked the



An amazing poem liked the the beat and rhyming of the poem. You have a good way with words, and write very well.

iwonderwho's picture


thank you! appreciate the comment! 

bishu's picture

What was that iwonder who

What was that iwonder who ?

Or what came that night

to steal my sleep away from my eyes

The answer in your fantasy lies


Enjoyed every bit.......................... ~B Happy~



iwonderwho's picture

:) glad you enjoyed it! and i

:) glad you enjoyed it! and i am crazy, as this all actually happened.....psychologist, here i come

DarkLight's picture

Creepy but awsome at the same

Creepy but awsome at the same time.  I could really see it in my mind

iwonderwho's picture

lol, maybe my mind is just a

lol, maybe my mind is just a creepy place. you know what would be scary and cool, if i could actually, physically go into my mind and explore it. that would be ah-mazing.