the physic



The sight is a gift

The sight is a curse

To see horrrible pain

That you can't reverse

To dream of ones death 

To see ones fate

To know my destiny

To know it's too late

To relive my past

This is my gift

This is my curse

For better

And for worse

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you don't already know, i'm a author on a fansite called fanfiction. this peom is based off a character from one of my most popular stories, little witch. A physic called Emmabella. in this peom she describes her gift. honestly, i love this peom. please comment and leave you opinnion.

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What a meanfull poem; so full of concern for events you can't change or the choices people make. I liked your poem very much.

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A picture may say a thousand words, But a story tells of somthing greater than any pencil could imagine.