words of a murdered child


I am a special girl.

I did not want to play this game.

I will not tell you my name.

Not because I'm scared.

Not because I'm wary

Not because I'm afraid you'll put my dead body in the qaurry.

They beat you too it.

No one knows I'm dead.

No one will find my head.

They told me to run, so I did.

I ran into the forest and I hid.

They still found me.

Still killed me.

They did it slowly, without mercy.

They cut off my fingers

They stabbed my chest

They left me a bloody mess.

This was not enough for them.

They had to slit my throat.

Had to off my head.

To make sure I was dead.

These are the words I would say, if I could talk.

If I were alive, not dead.

If they had left me alone, safe, in my bed. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

yeah... this is my first poem. expect a lot of them to be dark or about murder and things. this was inspired by a story i heard on the news. a little girls body had been found after being lost for 9 years. she had been kidnapped from her home while her mother was down at the corner store. nobody had known for sure se was dead until they got a DNA test from her remains. her remains show that her head was decapitated, but was not what ultimently what killed her. she bleed out and died before that.

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Words of a murdered child:


Your first poem certainly drew my attention; what an awfull story and for it to be true even more ghastly. Your words are strong and leave little to the imagination, what an extremely good poem.




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words of a murdered child.

thank you. have you read my other poems?

A picture may say a thousand words, But a story tells of somthing greater than any pencil could imagine.



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i agree with the other comment.. this is a very nice piece and i hope to read more of what you write.. keep up the good work


P.S. im sorry to hear that this was a true story...

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It's hard to believe that

It's hard to believe that this is your first poem ! awesomely written for a first poem.. and I felt so sorry for her when i read your note that this is based on a true story..!