1,2,3,4 AHHH!!! Scream!!!!

There’s this person inside me

It just wants to come out

But the only way I find is SCREAMING!!!

Scream to the pain inside you!!

Scream if you want to be heard

Scream it’s the only way to get out this

Scream to me make it the best I’ve ever heard!

Scream at me make it last till my ears bleed!


Now you

And you too

Now you all scream!!

This monster inside me wants to escape

And it’s getting out now!!

This riot is about to start

Oh yeah bring it!!!


Lets begin this riot now!!!!

Lets start this war!!!

Lets beat our enemies and make yourself be heard

If you want this to begin

You have to let me know so scream to me

And never stop!!!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

another song buh its about how screaming lets you take everything out

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Aden Recreated's picture

I scream everyday coming home from school when I can. My dad's usually like what the fuck but I don't care. I still enjoy it all the same.

NIce one.

--Aden Recreated