How to stop this feelings?

… But my lord

Tell me exactly how to do this

Tell me exactly how to stop these feelings

That is growing more and more…

Day by day

You say there’s some one better then thy

But thy is the best for me

How to stop these feelings

That started the day I met thy

The first kiss we shared

The first hug we had

Thy is like my dream

Thy prince whom I was waiting for

Thy first kiss astonished me

But oh how fast it began

…But my lord

Tell me exactly how to stop

These feelings from growing

If only my heart can fight for thy

And only my mind is yours my lord

Thy is my dream

Thy is my prince

Thy is the magic whom has woken my black heart

And I understand thy

I understand that our love should be saved for now

I under stand that thy shall belong to her

Before me

But I love thy

Thy is the lord to my black heart

And thy shall be mine one day

One day thy and I shall be together

And never separate

For thy is all I know

Thy is all I dream

Thy is my prince

And thy shall always remain in my heart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

oki this is for this guy which is my bffl and i really like him and he says 2 stop my feelings buh im like nyu and yah he likes me back buh its gonna take some time to go out

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Afzal Shauq's picture

you do poems in very romantic way.. and your innocent love if fair to your friend i know... good to be fair to the one you really love.. this is perfect poem.. like it and sure your poetry will be mature with the pasage of time... best of luck and waiting for your more comments...