A Crystal Liquid Dream

Just a thought!

         A Crystal Liquid Dream

I listened to a Goddess from whisperings

Divulging her impending age,

Wrought with fear, all the while

Denying the inner loneliness.

Her underlying nemesis masking itself

From detection,

Abstaining from unknowing uncertainties...

The loss of innocent pleasures, limiting her existance.            

Time, the daunting incapacitator...

The longing for companionship nestled

In her bosom.

Only soft spoken nothings and a caressing

Touch will bring sustenance.

Yet, the fear of inadequacy, a disabling victor,

Rendering her sole devoid of,

A Crystal Liquid Dream.

                             By Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

While reading someone's Blog page,they were telling about their upcoming birthday,the Big 40 and some concerns about,her aging anatomy. I was inspired to write this!  

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Like you thought I really enjoyed this, the poet and ironist in me expecially loved 'a disabling victor' part the most but the overall concept was very deep. I felt a sense that you were really touched by what this person said in that blog and that a part of a deep inner you came out to address what she said on the subject. that I find is what makes great poetry. when the poet is truly moved by some smattering of humainty in another individual. If more world leaders read a little more and thought a little more and plugged in a lot more this world would be near devine. oh then one must wonder can't a poet become president............ thanks for sharing I enjoyed see ya barry...............

Paul Blakeford's picture

All I can say is Damn! Good job. I especially like the title and the second line.

allets's picture

Blog Page As "whisperings"

as if the voice had to be lowered to write it down? Okay. Blog inspired, the aging process is poetry worthy - I've done a few mself - Sometimes I just throw it in there for filler. Enjoyed - catching 40 was less physical than mind imploding. Nice write as commentary - Lady A

ps - and what the palewingedpoetess said about a divine world and Barry for President - A



deepinyourdreams's picture


glad you found ...noteworthy...