Life Vs Death

Life VS Death

Your mind decides to block it out
When you lose your cool and begin to shout
And all the shit you keep inside
Flows out in a rush like the oceans tide
Then your minds internal functions snap
And your memorys lost, and it all goes black
And you don't remember the things you do
But it can't be helped, thats the honest truth
Because it can't be helped this depression cloud
Covers all of your life like a cancerous shroud
And it feels like your very own personal death
Waits around the corner ready to take all thats left
Of the thing that you like to call your life
Till your personal death ends it all on a knife
Then the colour fades from the world that you know
An you slip from your life and you watch yourself go
Then you finally realise at this pinnacle time
That your life was a lie
In disguise

By The Hopeless Writer

P M Jarvis


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