Insanity Explained

Insanity Explained


Is more rational

Than i thought

Its almost calm

Like coming home

Or maybe

Its the eye of the storm

Maybe the real crazyness is to come

The dam i built over 5 years of work

Sprung a leak tonight

Toppled me over the inevitable edge

And i cant fight no more

The leak will get bigger and bigger

And no little dutch boy to stick his finger in the dyke

To stop the flow of memories, feelings and mass hysteria

They say talking to me is like trying to get blood from a stone

But is that any wonder when my eyes have seen what they have?

More demons and evils than you could possibly endure

But i did it....yeah i did it

And they say im strong

But i dont believe them

Coz if i was strong

How comes

The dam


The Hopeless Writer

P M Jarvis

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Wrecked Humanity Explained

never broken
but a few times wrecked
is all part of
the landscape of living
expect a few ugly detours
what happens to us
matters little
it's our reaction to whatever it is
that matters more
even the experience of utter hell
gives the learning soul
more traction on its evolution
is just terribly hard
for the tortured mind
to wrap itself around
to understand
but a broader purpose does
gradually form
and you arrive on the
other side of advancing age
broadly looking back
you are worn but thankful
for the self wars you waged
to make you the man you
were meant to be
hence that remarkable adage of
'That Which Does Not Kill Us
Only Succeeds To Make Us Stronger'
and here now today
reading as I am, your painful words
I must say I whole heartily agree
at the beauty you rendered
from all that obvious pain
beautiful poem
you've written here indeed
must be the soul
sorting out the ugly
to make some lovely sense
with all the left over need.................
(April 4, 2011 352pm)