Darned Nanites


Seems these little creatures 

Especially like electronics

They enjoy spending time 

In boxes where they interfere 

With the transmissions

We haven't yet built any

Anti nanite devices

As we were just too caught up

In our disbelief

However, they have once again

Made themselves known

Which is starting to change

 our perspective





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You could found a school of poetry on the concept. Invaisions unseen by those from Nanitedom. Enjoyed this one - philosophically sound. MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD - slc



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Didn't used to know they existed until...

My dear friend let me in on their secret. He says I need an anti-nanite device. Which basically consists of a box with a pc board inside of it and some sort of a cone entry. (I think that's what he said) They can get in but not out. Plus, the electical stuff in the box will keep them busy forever. That's the theory anyway. I have yet to put it to the test myself. 

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