Dark Passages


Switch blade cross bones
 Skulls branded in a dark forbidden mast
 Asylums howl of the mentally insane
 Grafted in my brain once again
 Demonic emblems viscous fighting soldiers
 Once again off again romance with tarot cards
 Alone petrified evil cavity
 Out of immense silence there was gladness
 Fallen angels plagued with death
 Making a covet of blood quenched with desire
 Sexual conquest in the forbidden sea of lust
 Dark passages follow bellow
 immense heat of gross exploitation
 Branded ivy sphere in direct correlation
 Sulfur with eyes of intense pain
 Fetus scorched in fire
 Afflictions taunt the hidden sullen brevity
 This is what the prophets foretold
 The poets had feared out of mere speculation
 Swords drawn to silence the wayward heart
 Long corridors of immense filled silence
 A cause to fear to shed a tear
 Passages that would not let me go
 Yet I have the right in every fiber of my being to know

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A Wonderfully Dark Piece Of Writing


Prophecy lurks at the edges

doom foretold

screaming does not help

inevitable loss of everything

a certainty.