To A Sea Gull on Eau Gallie Causeway

Copyright 12/14/00

The gull kneels in the turn lanes as if to pray.

Cars zoom by, but yet he stays.

Is he telling the world good bye?

Is this why, he will not fly?

What brought him to this spot,

A lost love or broken heart?

Or was he resting his tattered wings

Oblivious to the danger he was in.

We shall never know what brought him here.

This poem is to him, the poor dear.

I hope he finds that which he seeks,

Before a car upon him havoc wreaks.

Goodbye, my feathered friend,

I hope this is not your end.

If it is, may you not suffer.

As your life ends, may your pain be over.

Later on that day,

I passed back that way

And my feathered friend

Had indeed, met his end.

Now only a pile of feathers and mush

Marked the spot where he was.

Freed of these mortal chains

Now his soul soars over heavenly plains.

I am sad that you have gone away,

But happy you are in heaven to stay.

Soaring with the angels on high

One more time my friend...goodbye.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a sea gull that looked as though it was nesting in the turn lane of the Eau Gallie Causeway.

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vjochum's picture

You are correct Huck. This is indeed a tear evoking piece. As I read it, it seemed to me, a metaphor for all those poor souls we see living on the streets, under bridges, or park benchs. They too are the sea gulls on Eau Gallie Causeway. This writing of yours is a message for us to stop, and care enough to move them out of harms way, or to lift them with some kind word or deed, that might let them know someone cared. Thank you for asking me to read this. It truly moved my heart.

ladydp2000's picture

This poem is so well written and so...deep and sad...I love this poem too, in all its sadness from beggining to its very sad end.Thank you for recomending this one...Ferrel...and you are right, is a weepy one for the soul to me..I love people and animals too.Birds are such beautiful creatures and so free soaring the skies totally under the care of our wonderful creator God.Great piece! Have a wonderful poet friend.

Melvin Lee's picture

Smilesz... i can see why u recommended this piece to me , Ferrell...thanxs, it's indeed a gem which deserves lotsa of attention and praise. YOu chose your words very's as if i am transported to your chain of thoughts at that time..and reliving the moments when u first saw this lost and displaced bird...and mourning over the second time when u saw his ugly end.... It's marvelous how u can weave such a poetic treasure out of a daily event like this....and as always, i stand awed by your simple yet insightful language. Smilesz. Thanxs once again for the recommendation. U did a GREAT job on this, Ferrell~!!!!