surround me

surround me, oh water

carry me to the ocean

fly me over the cascading waves

reflecting the sun’s light on their crests

as they fall over each other like new lovers

the water rains upon me

and I am cooled

surround me, oh fire

bring to me the emotion I so lack

deliver to me a sense of need

for life and prosperity

take me to the place where I am alive

the fire, it warms me

and I have purpose

 surround me, oh wind

carry me through the trees

soothing my soul of the flames

bring me the peace I had as a child

when I was happy

the wind gusts around me

and I am soothed

surround me, oh earth

my time has come to an end

let your flowers cover me in color

telling all that I have reached happiness

I am at peace now

the earth falls upon me

and we are one.

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captivatingcapture's picture


very vivid picture painted here in words!i truly like this piece!