He teased me with purple

As I was walking through the garden 

looking for flowers, I saw him.

He was crouched down in front of plant.


I said, excuse me, Sir,

Do you have any poppy flowers?

As he stood up to greet me and turned around, 

he was holding a giant turnip.


He teased me with it,

hiding his face behind

as he answered my question.


Apparently, he used to have a poppy plant.


But there was rumor,

the authorities had gotten word of it,

and he had to destroy it.


He just couldn't have

that kind of trouble

around his garden,

disturbing his peace.


I laughed and listened as he told me detailed stories about the plant.

How he extracted opium from it once in a while and used it for medicine.

And about the fights he would get into with a neighbor

who would sometimes sneak over the fence

slice into the pod and steal the resin.


I told him the reason I was looking for one,

was that I wanted to paint its beautiful form

and I needed a model.


He then proceeded to tell me

about other flowers he was growing in his garden.

Perhaps you could paint one of them instead, he said.


As he guided me toward the blooming beds,

he told me about his scientific methods of farming.

Seems, he was a Biodynamic farmer.


Positioning's of the stars, moon and sun, guided him in the tending of his garden.

He told me about the seasons, and the daylight and night light.

And of how each aspect affected the plants.


I learned about the decay after harvest season,

about the death of winter,

and about the best time to plant seeds.


He talked about the heavy rains of spring,

and the flowers blooming

and the bees pollenating

and about the mating season.


It was getting late, and I had to get back home.

He invited me to come to his garden anytime to paint.

And then I proceeded to go on my way,

fully intending to come back one day.






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I captured Beavis' eyes twice

I captured Beavis' eyes twice in one day?! Surprised That's so cool! Big smiles!!

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You always capture my eye! I'm so far behind on reading all the great poems my friends have posted, but I'm trying, and loving it :-D