It seems like no matter how many mistakes you make

they will always think you’re perfect.

They will bend and break and do anything to see you happy.

The world is at your feet and it is yours for the taking.


I can’t say the things I want to without sounding jealous

but if I acted the way you do

I wouldn’t get anything in return

and yet you get everything that you want.


Everyone wants to make it up to you

even though you don’t deserve a second look.

Everyone wants to give you the best

when you can’t be bothered to give anything, even your worst.


I don’t think you realize how good you have it.

People shouldn’t go out of their way to help you

when you only take and give nothing in return.


Why do the ungrateful always end up with the most?

It seems like no matter how many mistakes you make

they will always think you’re perfect.

I’m stuck trying to fit into this cookie cutter mold

that they have given to me.


I have to be perfect, I can never make mistakes

and I am still not good enough.

I can never stray from this path that has been laid for me

while you can do whatever you feel like.


You’re far from perfect you always make mistakes

and in their eyes you’re a shining star.

I can never be what they want me to be

no matter how much I bleed.


I’m still trying to do everything right

I follow the rules and don’t think twice about it.

You break the rules and do everything wrong

and they still choose you.


Why you?

Why not me?
Maybe if I acted like you they’d love me.

Maybe I should be ungrateful.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/20/17

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allets's picture

It Seems That Way



The good die young, the evil triumph,

and the not so nice get all the love. We

all want to be loved, and try in different

ways to be loved, but we all have

moments of lovelessness. It is in

our nature to be lonely sometimes

thinking getting might be better.

Point noted, but not workable

for those who love unconditionally.