Never Known Love

Never known love,
Never known the famous feeling,
Those fizzy, fluttering insects
Dancing in your soul.

Never seen a spirit through eyes,
Never had that window open,
I've never felt the weary sighs,
Never had a true fight.

Don't feel sorry for me,
I blame myself.
Searching but not seeking,
Living without true feeling,
The rush ain't there,
That jolting feeling,
A million bolts
Shoot right through you,
Melt with it.
It makes you melt.
I know but not personally,
I'll never know for sure.

Never had a sparkling kiss,
Never closed my eyes in bliss,
Never known
What life's all about.

I've never lost,
Never broken up,
Never parted,
But who is there to part from?
Who is there at all?

What is life without passion,
What is the meaning
Of just holding hands?
Where is the fire
That burns in your soul?
Am I condemned to ice,
Who will melt me?

What is the point
Of fluttering birds
And blooming flowers,
Why is there death,
Why is there life?
Why am I here?
My existence is pointless.

Never known love,
Just an empty soul,
My burning fire frozen,
My eyes glazed with frost.

Never known passion,
That jolt of pure energy,
That shock of pure bliss.

I've never known what life can be,
I swear I live in hell,
I wish I'd loved
Even once
Then someone could love me again.
But I keep using the word
Without a clue of its meaning.
I feel like I'm loosing,
Caving in,
My heart just a rock,
My soul blown away.

Is there love for me?
Where do I find it?
Help me look
For life's only splendor,
The rest is only filler.
Help me live,
Truly live,
Even if only a moment.
I need to feel it
Just once.
Let love grasp my bitter spirit,
Let it engulf my stilling heart,
Let the loneliness subside me now,
Ease the ache inside.

Now tell me,
Oh voices,
Let me hear your call.
Is it better to have loved and lost,
Then to never have loved at all?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For those of you with doubts: is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

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sanctus's picture

nice piece of writing

nice piece of writing

BrightEyes89's picture

very nice poem, to be

very nice poem, to be completely honest i felt it was a bit draggy which prevented me from completely falling into it, but it was still very nice and i am very impressed that you can write like that at your age :)  as of your question "is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?"  it all depends on how you look at things i guess.  if you love and then lose you get left with memories,  some people cherish the memories and some people dwell on the memories and cant move on.  but never falling in love is something that should never be a concern because we have no idea where our lives will take us.  a better question to ask yourself is who do you want to be and how can you stay true to yourself and work on that and let love just happen or not happen.  your future is for you too see