Luis' Two Cities


To love you was a crime

But I didn't give a damn

A world with you was a lie

The sun there never shines



I had kept my silence for months

But I have to share this pain

I can no longer endure 

About the past we shared that once so pure 



You and I were never a romance

My friends knew I didn't stand a chance

But I didn't tell them the truth

What had gone between me and you 



You cried to me as gods dimmed your light

You breathed to me in a heartsick dance

You slept with me in a dreamy once 

You ran to me in your fateful night



Months had passed and there you are

Dealing with boys who thought they're stars

Throwing shades at hopeful girls

Failing maths as bluebooks burn 



You've turned into a jerk like them

Your old smile has long died and left

I thought you knew better than this

But you end up like a washed-up piss



And now you all laugh at me in a sneer

You may have told them how I fell

And the secrets I shouldn't tell

But you're just a mess who live for beer 



Have you also told them the truth about us?

How we lingered in each other's arms,

How we slept in one pillow dreaming of stars,

And how I came to you with undying trust?



Did you tell them what happened to us?

How I fell to your endearing charms,

How I thought we were raising society's bars,

And how you lost every piece of my trust?



Have you told them about that fateful night?

When you were beaten by these boys for common bond?

Have you told them about the violet legs

And the endless tears I saw you shed?



Luis, why does everything have to end this way?

Luis, why do you hide yourself by the day?

It seems like you live in two different cities

One with love and one that is hazy



You hide yourself in a lifeless cave 

Instead of the outside's sunny shade

You hate the end of every dawn

'Cause its breaking shows you your wrong 



I wish I can tell you everything will be fine

But you have crossed the gods' faulty line

It's time to face the hard truth

We both hated and knew 



I wanna scream your name out all over the songs I wrote for you

I wanna let the whole world know how and why I can't forget you too soon

But I am still hoping we can go back to how we were back then

All I want is to relive all the pleasant  memories we had once spent 



I'm still hoping you'd come back to this place

And put everything right back on its place 

And I will be waiting for you here in this part of the city

I'll be here hoping that you'll soon know that this is where you should be 

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a.griffiths57's picture

Luis' two cities:

The desperation this poem portrays is alluring and really holds the readers attention and to want more of this tale. The hopelessness of the characters and their situation is pure melodrama, but so inticingly so. Loved your work here in this poem and lets read more ginsywilde's. Well written and exciting to read.

Carcass's picture

Well done, you're really good

Well done, you're really good for one so young.

ginsywilde's picture


Wow. THANK YOU SO MUCH. This means the world to me!

allets's picture

Hello There Poet

25 weeks is a long time away. Glad to see you again. Something new pease :D ~slc~