Broken Soul


There’s a hole in my soul
Shards of glass in my heart
Tiny pieces that have torn
My whole world apart
Longingly my soul cries
From so far deep within
A desolate unquenchable thirst
Only You can completely fill
Oh how my soul longs for you
For you to simply be with me
To remove all the doubt, struggle
and pain that knows no end
So now as I’ve had many drinks
and taken many pills
to dull the pain I cannot reveal
I write this message to you
All I’ve ever wanted or asked
is to be with you in the end
I have no conditions, or expectations
all I ask is to simply be in your presence.
Perhaps this is delusional of me
Perhaps I do want more
But when you’re here the pain is no more
The struggle and doubt are gone
simply in your presence, and nothing more
Now I am no poet, lyricist, or great thinker
I am a simply a man who loves without condition
After 15 years of holding this torch
I’m lost in you and cannot find my way out
Perhaps I am not wanted
and of that I’m hopeful of a doubt
But perhaps thats a delusion within itself
I am not rich, or of substantial means
I am a simple man with limitless potential
As long as you are here with me.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Full disclosure, The first few lines of this poem were pulled from another poet...  Link Here

The first 8 lines were borrowed liberally from her talent, the rest are of my own...  I don't want to take credit for that which is not mine, I simply and trying to illistrate my love for someone......

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hopelessly-candid's picture

wow, the raw emotion is

wow, the raw emotion is palpable... it's an unquenchable thirst to wait for someone, to long for them, to love them...and after reading your piece... i understand your pm more ^_^... I am... as I am sure many are... in great fault of filling voids with something destructive... i find your poem captivating 

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Yes pretty raw, had her and

Yes pretty raw, had her and lost her recently.  I don't pretend to be a poet, but on that night I just had to write so...  There it is for the world to see, certainly not something I've done before.  (Poetry)