broken souls

Broken Soul


There’s a hole in my soul
Shards of glass in my heart
Tiny pieces that have torn
My whole world apart
Longingly my soul cries
From so far deep within
A desolate unquenchable thirst
Only You can completely fill
Oh how my soul longs for you
For you to simply be with me
To remove all the doubt, struggle
and pain that knows no end
So now as I’ve had many drinks
and taken many pills
to dull the pain I cannot reveal
I write this message to you
All I’ve ever wanted or asked
is to be with you in the end
I have no conditions, or expectations
all I ask is to simply be in your presence.
Perhaps this is delusional of me
Perhaps I do want more
But when you’re here the pain is no more
The struggle and doubt are gone
simply in your presence, and nothing more
Now I am no poet, lyricist, or great thinker
I am a simply a man who loves without condition
After 15 years of holding this torch
I’m lost in you and cannot find my way out
Perhaps I am not wanted
and of that I’m hopeful of a doubt
But perhaps thats a delusion within itself
I am not rich, or of substantial means
I am a simple man with limitless potential
As long as you are here with me.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Full disclosure, The first few lines of this poem were pulled from another poet...  Link Here

The first 8 lines were borrowed liberally from her talent, the rest are of my own...  I don't want to take credit for that which is not mine, I simply and trying to illistrate my love for someone......

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The Flame

The Flame

A woman with a beautiful,
bright, warm soul
and an envious, spiritless man
loved each other.

This love was dark… mistreated by
Pills, Drugs, Booze and Abuse.
Slowly, the woman’s soul grew faint,
a smoldering fire..
She became weak.
In place of her soul
was anger, pain, hate, remorse…

From this strange love came a baby,
innocent and pure.
The child gave the woman strength
to prevent her soul from being forgotten.

The angry man had a friend.
He was quiet, gentle with a soft expression.
His soul, bruised and unloved,
and in his eyes a flicker of hope.

As if by magic, or perhaps true Love,
her soul returned
motherly and full of light.

Two lives,
both a cure for the other.
Each a final piece of the puzzle.

A woman, a man, and a baby
created a new Life together.
They shut out darkness.

Although the past still echoes
in their minds,
Together they have the passion
and power to persevere.

United by Love,
their Life will be Good.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To enjoy life, it is crucial that you learn how to be happy.

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Broken Soul

Lost, confused, hurt,
Broken, fearful, anger,
Useless, alone, unwanted.

Dead inside, lonely as ever,
Broken inside, love, never,
Hurt inside, angry forever.

Fake, push over, polite,
Nice, kind, happy,
Joke, weak, trusted.

Fake outside, I lied,
Joke outside, I hide,
Weak outside, I tried.

Fake on the outside, dead on the inside,
A joke on the outside, broken on the inside,
Weak on the outside, hurt on the inside.

So much confusion causes me to be lost,
So much I lose, but at what cost?
I can't handle any of this.

Slowly everything is being taken away,
Time is mocking me again, it is!
So much pain from being hurt, makes me sway.

Being swallowed by darkness why?
Nothing can be shown in this sky.
This day mocks me with vain.

Laughing at me, knowing I hurt so much,
My broken heart, I'm in pain.
Not knowning why this is, but my heart I clutch.

Knowing it's still here,
Waiting for a tear,
Go ahead! Laugh at me!

I know, I'm just an empty hole,
Nothing left to be,
I'm just a broken soul.

original poem by: Katie Menzies

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